Friedrich 300

The Architecture of Frederic the Great

Exhibition Unter den Linden in commemoration of the 300th anniversary of Frederic the Great advertising the different events and festivities "Friedrich 300" in Berlin und Brandenburg | summer 2012

Initiative Kulturland Brandenburg, Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten
Berlin-Brandenburg, Tourismus Marketing Brandenburg, Kulturprojekte Berlin, Musikfestspiele Potsdam-Sanssouci

Services Exponatus
2011/2012 - Concept and project management up to the public permit for the exhibition site

Architectural design
fripp - Rainer Lendler, Berlin

Grafic design
fernkopie, Berlin

fripp - Rainer Lendler, Berlin

500 Years Reformation

From Germany into the World - Worldwide Effects of the Reformation

International travel exhibition 2013-2015 in advance of the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation in 2017.

Commissioned by
the Lutheran Memorial Sites Wittenberg (financed by the German Foreign Office)

Services Exponatus
Strategy work shop | 2010 - goals, target regions, major themes, exhibition format

Feasibility study | 2010 - Recommendation: Three major exhibitions at prominent sites on three continents, complemented by a state-of-the-art virtual exhibtion

Updating of feasibility study | 2011 - Preparation of the ministerial decision for the foreign office, detailed financial planning, preparation of European tender and contracts

Documentary Film

Subjective. Documentary Film in the 21st Century

Commissioned by
Pinakothek der Moderne and HFF München | 2010

Services Exponatus

B.Schwenk (Pinakothek), H.Stadler (HFF)

Designers [](chezweitz & roseapple), Berlin

N.Wilhelms © Bay. Staatsgemäldesammlungen

Evaluation KBB

Evaluation of the Kulturveranstaltungen des Bundes in Berlin GmbH (Cultural Enterprises of the Federal Republic Ltd.), its program and business divisions with an emphasis on the evaluation of cultural programs, marketing, organization and finances.

Services Köstlin (as managing director of KBB):
project development, project management

Essay: Köstlin, Culture and Evaluation, KMP D 3.5

Organizational Reform SPSG

Comprehensive study of organizational structure and processes in the Foundation Prussian Palaces and Gardens Berlin-Brandenburg with special focus on strategic organization and personal | 2001-2003

Services Köstlin (as Deputy and Acting Director General SPSG)
Project development, project management of the collaboration with the Federal Office for Administration, Cologne

Prince Henry

Prince Henry - a European in Rheinsberg
Brother of Frederic the Great, politician, military and supporter of the arts - 200 years after his death, SPSG, Schloß Rheinsberg | 2002

Services Köstlin (als Acting Director General SPSG)
Project management until the opening

C.Sommer, D.Fuchs



Luise's Paretz

Luise's Paretz - a royal country house aroud 1800
First permanent exhbition after restoration | SPSG, Schloss Paretz | 2002-2009

Services Köstlin (as Acting Director General SPSG)
Project management with an external team of curators and designers

U.Röper, Berlin

Hollenbeck & Plato, Cologne

H.Immel i.A.v. U.Röper

Prussia 1701

Prussia 1701 - a European Story

300 years - coronation of the first Prussian King | German Historical Museum, SPSG Schloss Charlottenburg, Berlin | 2001

Services Köstlin (as deputy and acting director general SPSG): Business management, responsible participation for the director general in the project team, co-project management in spring 2001

Curators: F.Windt (exhibition coordination), S.-G. Gröschel, C. Lind | Design: J.Steiner and team | Photos: SPSG, DHM

Sophie Charlotte

Sophie Charlotte and her Palace
A Baroque Court of Muses in Brandenburg-Prussia

Prussia's first queen - 300 years Charlottenburg palace | SPSG , Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin | 1999

Services Köstlin (als Deputy Director General SPSG)
Business management, finances

Head curator
C. Vogtherr

K.-J. Sembach, H. Sypereck

M.Gastinger, München for SPSG

Onder den Oranjeboom

_Onder den Oranjeboom__

Art and Culture from the Netherlands at princely courts in 17th and 18th Century Germany | City of Krefeld, SPSG Schloss Oranienburg, Paleis Het Loo, Apeldoorn | 1999/2000

Services Köstlin (as Deputy Director General SPSG)
Business management of the exhibition at Oranienburg palace und business coordination with the other exhibtion venues.

Head Curator Oranienburg
C. Sommer

Design Oranienburg
H. Sander

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