At Exponatus we develop individual exhibition strategies for our clients. We keep the overall aim clearly in view while analyzing specific parameters and contingencies. A good exhibition strategy provides over-arching guidelines for:

  • goals
  • content
  • staging and display
  • organization
  • financing
  • marketing
  • follow-up projects


At exponatus we design a particular project structure for each exhibition.

We bring together an exhibition team to suit the personality and style of the client as well as the exhibtion theme and location. At the same time we design working procedures and organizational structures for exhibition. Our clients may choose to outsource the complete project or to reserve certain tasks or phases for their own personnel (modular system) – in every case we guarantee the good project management of the exhibtion. A core team encompasses:

  • curators
  • designers
  • marketing experts
  • project managers

Project Management

Exponatus manages and coordinates the exhibition process for its clients - good project management for exhibtions encompasses:

  • project planning
  • team formation
  • internal communication
  • program quality
  • change management
  • coordination of external collaborators


Exponatus coordinates all aspects of financing an exhibition from initial cost estimate to final accounting:

  • costings
  • financial strategy
  • exhibition funding
  • financial control
  • accounting
  • reporting


Intelligent exhibition marketing determines more than ever the success. This goes well beyond advertising or public relations, the communications of exhibitions: the exhibition's content, design and interpretation must reflect the interests and needs of the target audience. Exponatus develops individual marketing strategies for exhibtions. Good exhibtion marketing encompasses:

  • marketing goals
  • content or product policy
  • price policy
  • communication policy
  • distribution policy


The communicative power of an exhibtion unfolds while it is open to the public. It must be both informative and enjoyable to have a long-lasting impact.

Exponatus ensures good visitor services and a smooth operation. A supporting program of tours, talks and other activities enhances the exhibition experience.


Wrongly the evaluation of exhibtions is often neglected. Therefore, we develop criteria for evaluation in close cooperation with our clients early during exhibition planning. At every stage of exhibition development we refine the evaluation scheme, collecting and collating relevant data. Towards the end of the exhibition we analyze and interpret the evidence. Our assessment forms a central part of the documentation and the final report.